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New England Inspired

In Rhode Island, doughboys, clam cakes, chowder and fish are a part of your everyday life. Over the years we visited Rhode Island to see family and friends, and always made sure we got our fill of Doughboys, Clam Cakes, Chowder, Lobster Rolls and such. Each time we visited we would say that we should bring this concept to Florida so we would have a place to satisfy our cravings and let others enjoy the food we grew up with and can’t live without. This cuisine is very popular as it is in other parts of New England. The rest of the country is missing out on a good thing and we thought it was time to bring it to beautiful South Florida. We began planning Buster’s Doughboys and Clam Cakes in 2011 and are enjoying providing the Sunrise community a taste of New England.

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