Have an Unforgettable Flavor Experience

Taste New England’s Favorite Seafood Dishes

Enjoy a Plate of Seafood Goodness in Plantation, FL

Buster’s Doughboys & Clam Cakes is a family-friendly restaurant that offers New England’s favorite dishes in a relaxed dining atmosphere. We have been satisfying the taste buds of our customers through the food we serve since 2013.

What We Offer

For those who are looking to indulge in New England’s traditional food while in South Florida, we are here to help. We have a large selection of scrumptious food, including homemade doughboys. If you haven’t tried a doughboy before, now’s the time to start munching on them!

You will absolutely love the other dishes we offer, which are prepared using our secret family recipes. We will gladly serve you the most flavorful fish and chips, chowder, and clam cakes you’ve ever tasted. You can also order from our kid’s menu for your little tot’s smaller appetite.

About Us

Doughboys, clam cakes, chowder, and fish are popular in various places in New England. They are also a large part of every local’s daily life in Rhode Island.

Over the years, whenever we visited Rhode Island to see our family and friends, we always made it a point to get our fill of the local delicious food. Each time we went, we found ourselves saying that we should bring these tasty dishes to Florida so we could have a place to satisfy our cravings.

We also realized that the rest of the country is missing out on this treasure. It was then that we started to plan on opening our business in 2011 to let other Floridians experience the flavors we grew up with and can’t live without.